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The Valentine Sessions are over, the memories linger on!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

It was all we could have dreamed of...

A classy and cozy location in the centre of Antwerp.

A superb, warm audience gave us so much appreciation and good vibes.

And ...donated so generously to our Rotary good causes.

And yes.. the band played for 5 hours in a row. Almost non-stop. We started at 14.00hrs and laid down our last song by 21.30hrs.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this an unforgettable Valentines afternoon.

Special shout out to our kind sponsors

Vineticq Wines (Cool things happen at the edge)

and Alex&Ed hairdressers for letting us use their magnificent studio.

Watch this space, more events will follow. Till then...


The fake it till you make it (sound jazzy) band


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