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What is Fake it till you make it (sound Jazzy)?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

"Fake it till you make it (sound jazzy)" is a group of musicians (and "would be musicians"..) who enjoy playing music together for the vibes, the friendship and the music.

Usually we are quite happy with just rehearsing, jamming, trying out new things and simply enjoy being in the same space together with each other, let the music and sounds transport us into that unique universe that only music can bring you into..

We have been coming together, once a week, rehearsing in a 19th century Tower in the centre of Antwerp, where the accoustics and vibes are just amazing.

The group consists of all kind of musicians of different age groups, skill levels and backgrounds.

Some are or have been semi-professional, other life long amateurs. Some have only played pop or rock or strummed the guitar at the campfire or in the bathroom (for the accoustics...)

But somehow we have been able to make it work.. we faked it till we made it and sometimes even sounded a little Jazzy.

And yes at times we get so over confident, that we want to share the sounds we manage to produce and the 'feel good' vibes that the songs create, with others. Friends, family.

So we organise mini concerts at our own location or in someone's living room or wherever we can make our music contribute to a nice cozy or lively atmosphere.

We are not a dance band or cocktailparty band by no means, but we like to get friends and family together and offer them a few hours of what we think, are beautiful songs that will make people swing, think, cry or smile.

Songs range from George Gershwin, Cole Porter to Carole King, Aretha Franklin to Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, Dolly Parton or Adele.

Most of the times we play we play for free or to raise money for charity. This makes the "feel good vibes" even better.

I have been privileged to be able to play along with these great people for a few years now and am very excited to introduce some more information and a few dates where you can come an see us and ...listen to the music.

Stay safe!

Marc Van Mael

Antwerp January 2022

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